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 Post subject: The Rules
PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:32 pm 
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General Rules
  • Respect each other. Our World is a safe space where all are welcome, so please exercise understanding of race, religion, age, gender, and sexuality. While characters may be racist/homophobic/transphobic/ageist/ableist/sizeist/sexist, we do not tolerate that behavior in our members. If another member ever makes you feel uncomfortable for any reason or if anything ever affects your enjoyment of the game, please tell a staff member. We are always available to help and we work hard to maintain a friendly, safe, and fair community.
  • Be proactive! Don't wait for plots to come to you--initiate some!
  • Communicate with your thread partners. Roleplay is a collaborative hobby, so it's only courteous to let them know if you'll be absent for an extended period or if you wish to drop threads or characters.
  • You do not have to have seen the show to play, though of course that's recommended. If you're unfamiliar with the series, be sure to read the information about the various cultures and locations, provided on this board. For even more information, check out the Avatar Wiki or view the show online.

  • One account per player. Please register with a nickname that you, the player, would like to go by. Nicknames should not be those of canon characters, nor should they include numbers or underscores.
  • Your user icon needs to be a picture of your character or something that represents them or you may chose to not use one.
  • We accept original and canon characters. You may play as many characters as you like.
  • We hold activity checks every three to six months, but have no other activity requirements.

In-Character Conduct
  • We are a consent based game. The character is the property of the player, so players have the option of setting their own limits regarding their character and what can happen to it. That is to say that no one can kill, permanently disfigure, or control another player’s character without that player’s permission.
  • In-character actions result in in-character consequences. If your character gets into a fight, s/he will probably get injured. If your character breaks and enters, they may be caught. If your character is causing a riot in the city, they may be arrested. While a player's limits should be respected, they are also not a get out of jail free card.
  • Plot like crazy and go wild, but if the plot involves the mass destruction of an established location (such as blowing up the Royal Palace or taking out a section of Ba Sing Se), then it needs to be approved by an admin first.
  • NPCs (non-player characters) are A-OK. As long as no one uses NPCs to create their own personal army, and as long as no one assumes the NPCs are stupid (for instance, palace guards; they are not inept, bumbling fools, they are highly trained!), it's all good. And while they can be great fodder, remember: NPCs have families, too, and mass killings will not go unnoticed!

Writing Level
  • Third person, past tense. Use quotations for dialogue and just generally format your writing like you would see in a novel.
  • Quality over quantity. There are no word minimums to meet, but we expect all players to be able to write at a high school level or higher. Please be sure to proof-read your posts and use a spell-checker if that's not your strong point! We expect posts to utilize proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
  • Content is what is important, as opposed to length, and posts should be a nice blend of narration, dialogue, and action. Show what your character is feeling, thinking, and sensing and give the other player a hook to respond to. Post lengths should fluctuate depending on what's going on and what's appropriate for the scene/reply. Sometimes, all you need is a couple lines of text. Sometimes multiple, meaty paragraphs are better. You should be capable of both. :3

Posting Etiquette
  • If you wish to do a thread or some posts with another player (or players) via an instant messenger service (like MSN or AIM), feel free to do so! Just be sure clean up the chat log and post it in its proper thread/board.
  • Please do not change the text's default size or color. Unless, of course, it serves as decoration. (Like for sprucing up your character's profile and stuff.)
  • We run on liquid time. In other words, your characters can be in multiple threads at once. Just be sure to keep the time lines straight and don't jump too far ahead. (Though you can set your threads as far back in the past as you want.) There is a season posted at the top of the forum, so please be sure not to set your threads past that time.
  • It's up to the players to set the posting order of their own threads, if they want a posting order at all. If someone seems to have vanished on you, PM them! But if you don't hear back from them, don't let them kill your thread; feel free to skip them.
  • If someone has not responded to a group thread in three days, you may skip them. A group thread is any thread with three or more players. Nothing kills a thread faster than when someone just doesn't post, so this is to ensure that no threads get stalled or killed by any one person.
  • Private threads should be marked as [private], [closed], or contain the other player's name. Open threads will either be marked as [open] or have no subject tags at all and anyone is free to join those at any time. If you no longer want people to join your open thread, please be sure to change the tag otherwise it's fair game. ;D

Mature Themes
  • This game is rated PG-13, so please fade to black if the characters start heading toward sexytiemz.
  • No gratuitous rape, death, or torture. Be tasteful. These should be secondary plot devices, not the main point of a plot.
  • No swearing. Feel free to make up setting specific swear words and exclamations, but modern day expletives just don't fit the setting.

    Our World's staff reserves the right to address any issues that aren't expressly mentioned in the rules, but prove to be problematic, on a case by case basis as they come up, if they come up.

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