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 Post subject: The Plot
PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:31 pm 
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The Back-story: What's Happened in a Year?
A century-long war has finally come to and end and now everyone can live happily ever after in a world of peace and prosperity.

If only. A lot has happened in the year since the war's end.

The old Firelord, Ozai, and his daughter, Princess Azula, have managed to escape. The Dai Li have also returned, Long Feng back at their head.

Rebel groups have sprung up all over. Despite Fire Lord Zuko's proposed new era of peace, old prejudices run deep and some Fire Nation citizens remain loyal to Ozai and Azula. Old wounds run just as deep, and not everyone in the neighboring nations is ready to forgive what the Fire Nation did to them, the lives that were lost and the families that were ripped apart.

In the midst of it all, bandits and common criminals are everywhere, taking advantage of the chaos and strife the war created. Even the grand city of Ba Sing Se is affected, for though the Dai Li were oppressive, they provided order, and the sudden shift in structure has left the city in chaos. The Lower Ring is most vulnerable; people are vanishing, and there are rumors of an underground slave trade. Kuei has yet to be found.

There are problems all over, and though each post-war threat is small compared to everything the four nations have been through, it is making the task of rebuilding the world difficult. The only country in any condition to provide any real assistance to the others is the Fire Nation, but the other nations haven't fully forgiven them and no one wants Fire Nation troops in their backyards.

Despite the conflict, there's still hope, and things can only get better after all the world has been through, right?

The Plot: What Plot?
There is none!

Our World is a sandbox game with no fixed plot. Rather, it is up to the players to create their stories. Here, the canons are just ordinary characters, and original characters are just as important.

The admins and canons of Our World do not GM this game; we do not drive the plot and are no different from any other player. So cut loose, go out there, create some epic adventures, and don't be afraid to introduce your own grand plots. The Avatar-verse is a wonderfully rich, detailed world, so go out there and do something with it!

We've given you the back-story. Now you create the story.

Zuko - Yun Zhong - Kota - Yazuri - Jiang Xia

Thread with meh! 8D

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