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 Post subject: Character Creation Guidelines
PostPosted: Wed Jun 06, 2012 2:32 pm 
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Fantasy and Realism
Please note that while Avatar: The Last Airbender is a fantasy series, it's is still very much one steeped in realism. There is bending, and there are metaphysics (fortunetelling, spirit encounters, out of body experiences) but there is no magic in the traditional high fantasy sense. Bending is the closest to magic the series gets, and it is based on the four elements and not considered to be magic by its users. Thus, other types of magic (like psychic connections to animals and such) do not fly in this game and we expect our players to play realistically.

Animals are non-sentient, real world physics still apply despite the addition of bending (so no falling off buildings unscathed or touching fire without getting burned), and we expect the characters of this game to be fully realized and realistic (if a character is raised by wolves their entire life, they're not going to be able to function normally in society). If you want your character to have a disorder, research it. If you want your character to be a war General, they shouldn't be 15. A 12-year-old is probably not going to be allowed to run around the world alone unless there's a very good explanation (for example, Toph's running away).

The Avatar world functions much like our own in these ways. They just also have bending and hybrid animals and dragons and spirits. xP

A Note About Fanon...
    This is a series-verse, canon-based game. If you have seen an idea you liked in fanfiction/fanon/the movie that you would like to use, or have an idea all your own, please clear it up with the staff first if it affects more than your character. (For example, deciding what a nation's wedding ceremony is like--that affects the entire country and all the characters in it.) If it only affects your character (for example, personal beliefs/family tradition) then feel free to use it!

    This also goes for world-building in general. We welcome world-building, since the show only showed a limited number of customs and the like and has a lot of areas that could be fleshed out! :3 However, please share your ideas with us before you implement them, so that we can all be on the same page. <3 Let's create our own fanon--but let's do it together.

Character Creation
General Guidelines
  • Please no canon clones! That includes clones of Avatar canons, and canons from other series. Original characters should be original! :3
  • If you want your OC to be related to/friends with an unclaimed canon character, please PM or IM the staff to ask permission first. If that canon is currently being played, contact the player and ask them.
  • Characters should all be dark-haired: shades of black, brown, and auburn. There are no red-heads or blonds in the Avatar universe; Yue is the only exception. No unnatural hair colors, no two-toned hair, no fire-hydrant reds or blues or purples or greens.
  • Ditto on eye colors. The Water Tribe typically has blue eyes, and waterbenders will always have blue eyes; the Earth Kingdom typically has green, brown, or gray eyes, and earthbenders can have any of those eye colors though green tends to be the dominant color of earthbenders; and the Fire Nation typically has amber/gold, brown, or gray eyes, while firebenders have amber/gold eyes. Airbenders have gray eyes. (Exceptions, of course, for characters of mixed heritage and immigrants, but benders will always have an eye color that reflects their ability, regardless of their ethnicity.) Thus, no one should have violet or red eyes or anything like that.
  • Ditto on names. Character names should be Asian, Inuit, or Middle Eastern influenced, or at least faux Asian/Inuit/Middle Eastern (example: Joo Dee). Most characters will have Asian-inspired names, but Water Tribe characters tend to be Inuit and sandbenders may be Middle Eastern. You won't find any Ashleys or Seans or Gabriellas in the Avatar universe. Word names (Hope, Jet, Smellerbee, The Boulder) are also acceptable but uncommon.
  • Characters of mixed heritage are acceptable (though should be very rare, considering the war), but can know only one bending style.
  • Only human characters are accepted, though spirit characters and animals can be used as NPCs and pets.
    Characters should be age 10 or above as characters younger than that can be very difficult to plot and play with.

Bending Abilities
  • Child prodigies are rare. Most characters will not be able to become a master bender until they are in their 20s, after years of hard training.
  • Only the Avatar can bend multiple elements and do Energybending. Other characters can only bend one element.
  • Only canon bending abilities and their canon sub-abilities are accepted. So no shadowbending or lightbending or anything like that. The elements are Water, Earth, Fire, and Air.
  • There is a lot of cool stuff you can do with the elements without needing any of the rare abilities! Be creative and have fun with the elements. (: There are a ton of possibilities!
  • Special bending abilities such as lightning, lightning redirection, blue fire, Metalbending, Bloodbending, Energybending, etc. must be approved by the admins before characters are allowed to have them. This includes having the character learn the ability in-game. They are very rare abilities and the game will reflect that. Basically, if you want one of these abilities, you just need to PM us and also let us know. What we want to know is:
    1. Why do you want the ability?
    2. What are your plans for it?
    3. What will it add to your character?
    4. Is your character unique without the ability, or is the character being built around the ability?
    5. How did your character learn this ability--or how will they learn it?
    Note: If any of your answers are: "to be powerful", "to be more powerful than X Character" or "my character needs this power" then the answer will most likely be no. P:

    We want to discuss your idea with you to ensure it's feasible, and we want to know that your character will stand on its own and be unique without the ability first. In other words, if the ability is the only thing making the character unique...we need more than that. The Avatar-verse is full of unique characters who are interesting individuals even if you were to strip their abilities away; just look at Sokka! Original characters should be, too.

    Basically, we just really need a good and creative reason as to why you want the power.

Military Characters
Just to clear up a few things, since there is some confusion as to appropriate ages for high ranking military officials. While it is true that Azula commanded troops at the young age of 14, please keep in mind that this is not the norm. Azula was royalty, a prodigy, and being conditioned to lead a nation. Most children, no matter how skilled, would not be allowed a position of power in the military.

Remember, even Zuko, the Fire Prince, wasn't allowed into a war meeting until his uncle convinced the others to allow it. Children in the military is not the norm.
  • Characters should be at least 16 to enlist in either the Earth Kingdom military or Fire Nation military.
  • Advancement is based on a combination of experience and seniority. In other words, we shouldn't be seeing any 20-year-old generals. For a rough idea, navy Captains should be at least 25, Admirals should be in their 30s, Generals should be in their late 30s to 40s, and so on. It takes years of experience, hard work, and dedication to rise to those esteemed positions of power. Just because your character is a powerful bender with a sharp mind doesn't mean they have the experience or education to take on those positions.

  • Please adhere to the fashion conventions of the series. Remember, the clothing of the series is based off of Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Tibetan, Indian, and Inuit fashion, to name a few. There are no zippers, tube tops, jeans, or shorts (unless they're styled like Toph's pants, for example, or in the case of swimwear) here! But you will find plenty of kimono, hanbok, qipao, and tunics. Feel free to get creative with your designs, but make sure to stick to the feel of the setting.
  • Hair can be dyed with the use of henna and indigo, but only in shades of brown, auburn and black. No crazy hair colors. P:
  • Tattoos are A-OK! In fact many (such as with the Air Nomads) are traditional.
  • Make-up exists but is very basic. Thick white powder is used as foundation, eyes are sometimes lined in black, ash is used for eyeshadow and to darken the eyebrows, and there is blush and lipstick, but no lip gloss, foundation, or mascara as we have it nowadays. Other types of face paint are used for warriors, such as in the Water Tribes.

  • This is a setting that blends a lot of different Asian cultures together, so a lot of Western conventions just don't fit the setting. Characters bow rather than curtsy or shake hands, use chopsticks instead of forks, and drink tea instead of coffee, to give a few little differences.
  • Mind the Western beliefs! Characters in the Avatarverse don't believe in Hell, for example, so exclaiming, "What the hell!" wouldn't make much sense. P: They do, however, believe in the Spirit World, various spirits, and their own rich mythologies.

  • Katara was the last Waterbender from the original Southern Water Tribe, but that doesn't mean there aren't any Waterbenders there. The tribe is in the process of rebuilding its community and children with the potential to Waterbend could be born. Similarly, now that the Northern and Southern Water Tribes are in contact again, some people from the Northern Water Tribe have migrated to the Southern Tribe--including Waterbenders.
  • Katara and Sokka are the only teenagers left in the Southern Water Tribe. Any characters around that age will have to have migrated from the Northern Water Tribe.
  • Bending water out of plants and the air is rare and unlikely to be known by most Waterbenders. You need a good reason why a character would have learned to do this.
  • The Southern Water Tribe is relatively egalitarian. Both men and women can learn combative Waterbending and healing there.
  • However, those from the Northern Water Tribe are expected to follow the gender restrictions of its culture: only woman can heal and only men can fight.
  • You must get staff approval if you wish for your character to know Bloodbending.
  • In the Foggy Swamp Tribe, gender does not matter. Men and women alike can Waterbend.

  • Blue fire is an advanced firebending technique and quite rare. It is the hottest of fires with combustive properties, and thus highly dangerous.
  • Only canon colors are accepted for firebending. In other words, only red/orange/yellow and blue. Pinks, purples, greens, etc. are not allowed. Yes, the dragons could create different colors...but they're dragons!
  • The ability to create lightning is an advanced, and extremely rare, technique; only those with a clear, calm mind can achieve it. Canonically, only Ozai, Azula, and Iroh showed the ability to create it, and the game will reflect the ability's rarity. If you wish for your character to have this ability, it will need to be approved by the admins first.
  • Redirecting lightning is a similarly rare ability that only Iroh, Zuko, and Aang know. If you wish for your character to be able to redirect lightning, you must contact the staff and ask if your character can have that ability.
  • Sun Warrior characters are currently not available. And if you want your character to have connections to them, please talk to the admins first. They're still a secret and so are the dragons. ;D

  • Metalbending is an ability known only to Toph. If you want your character to be able to Metalbend, it must be approved first. The ability is rare, though, and the game will reflect this.

  • Aang is the only Airbending Master. All other Airbenders are new to their abilities and their skill level should reflect that.
  • Airbenders can be of any nationality. While the Air Nomads were wiped out, people with the potential to Airbend do still exist. After all, the first Airbenders learned from the Sky Bison, so as long as there is one Airbender still alive, the potential is still there, and it lays dormant in some people.These people have traces of the old Air Nomad blood in them, from the Air Nomads that mingled with other nations. It's very diluted over the generations, but it's enough.

    An Airbender from another nation would not have any known Bending abilities. That is to say, a Fire Nation citizen who possessed the dormant ability to Airbend would not be able to Firebend.

    [Yes, we know we're fudging canon here. However, we thought it would make for a fun game if people could play Airbenders. ^^ Suspend disbelief!]

Kyoshi Warriors
  • Full-fledged Kyoshi Warriors must be female and Kyoshi Island natives.
  • All other Kyoshi Warrior hopefuls will start out as trainees, and from there may progress on to become a full Kyoshi Warrior.
  • Males can be trainees--but they should be rare, and they'll certainly have to prove themselves capable to become a full Warrior!

Zuko - Yun Zhong - Kota - Yazuri - Jiang Xia

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