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 Post subject: Rhi's characters! Get 'em while they're hot!
PostPosted: Mon Jul 04, 2011 1:59 am 
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So yes! I have a number of characters who are all up for threads at anytime. Yep, you heard me, anytime! 8D So this shall be my general character-pimpin' thread, and if you're interested in threading with any of these characters, hit me up! I adore all sorts of plots, everything from epic adventures to slice-of-life encounters. Seriously, it's all fun to me. I also tend to be a "make stuff up as I go" person, so that's totally cool by me. At the same time, if you have any plot ideas, I'm absolutely open to them and happy to plot with you.

I'm uber easy to please. xD

So without further ado, I bring you ze characters.

First up, we've got ZUKO
    He needs no introduction, but here he is! xD

    Currently, he's in Ba Sing Se, but thanks to the wonder that is liquid time, I can thread him basically anywhere. xD Doesn't matter who or what your character is, I would love to get him interacting with other peeps. <3 Any scenario is a good scenario, from actiony to awkward and everything in between.

    And he does need to work on them social skills, after all...

    And a fair warning: I adore playing Zuko, but sometimes he takes a little longer for me to write, just because those are some big shoes to fill. ;D But I'm getting quicker!

Next up, we've got YUN ZHONG
    She's a 16-year-old gal from Kyoshi Island and, yep, she's a Kyoshi Warrior. A pretty new addition to the group, but a member nonetheless. She's goofy, cocky, likes playing pranks on people, is outgoing to the point of being annoying, deathly afraid of the dark to the point of freezing up in terror if she's not careful. No reason, it's just a childhood phobia that she never quite shook and it's quite embarrassing, not to mention inconvenient. She also has a very active imagination which doesn't help her there any.

    Being a Kyoshi Warrior and all, she's a non-bender. And plot-wise, I can have her pop up anywhere and do anything. xD I'd really, really love to play her and I'm totally open to any and all plots with her! I'd love her to make some friends, enemies, the works. x3

Then there's KOTA
    Kota is a Northern Water Tribe pirate. He just tells people he's a fisherman. (He's also a crappy liar--never ask him to lie for you, ever.) He's 21-years-old and hasn't yet taken a wife as he's afraid of commitment, but his parents are pushing him to (really, 21 and hasn't married? O_o Wtf?) and have even picked out a nice pretty girl for him from a nice family. His way of dealing with that? Just escape to the sea whenever the topic comes up! 8D However, he knows he can't run forever and that he'll eventually have to confront the whole issue and settle down.

    Personality-wise, he tries to be smooth but fails at it, and while he's done some rather nontraditional things...he's quite traditional at his core. He's laid back, but he's big on respect and when it's time to be serious, he's serious.

    He's a Waterbender but sucks at it. He's driven and tried to learn, but he'll never be able to touch the advanced techniques. He also hates the Fire Nation. Hate hate hate. He doesn't care about this new "peace" thing going on--he doesn't trust them and doesn't want any Fire Nation goons setting foot on their ice. |: As a pirate, he helps raid Fire Nation vessels with other dissenters, which is probably going to bite him in the butt soon.

    He can be anywhere. The Northern Water Tribe is his home, but he travels a lot. And if anyone's interested in playing the chick his parents picked out, awesome. xD

And then there's YAZURI
    Yazuri is a 16-year-old non-bender Fire Nation girl. Her family is minor nobility; they have no influence whatsoever, just some money, and they love to spend it on their only child. She's a spoiled, sheltered girl and, while shy, she's curious and that often overrides her natural shyness. She's also quite naive, and that coupled with curiosity can = bad judgment. She attends school for most of the year but is currently on vacation, headed toward Ember Island. I can come up with some excuse to have her pop up anywhere in the Fire Nation, though.

    Since she won't be outside of the Fire Nation until then, anyone in the Fire Nation works! 8D Anyone from fellow students to chance encounters.

And lastly, I present to you JIANG XIA
    Jiang is an airbender, but she doesn't know it yet. >_> And she's kinda not a nice person. But there's more in her profile! xD Plot-wise, she can do anything! Be a villain, antagonist, meet folks, make some bonds of some sort...all that good stuff. :B

Zuko - Yun Zhong - Kota - Yazuri - Jiang Xia

Thread with meh! 8D

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