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__________________Quick Stats
Name Azula
Nick-names Zula (Only Zuko)
Gender Female
Bender? Yes (But not able at the moment)
Occupation Princess of the Fire Nation
Residence Fire Nation Palace

__________________In-Depth Stuff

Physical Description
Azula stands at five feet and four inches. She has a very slender frame with slight muscle tone from a lifetime of training. This seems to be getting a little thinner with each progressing month however. Her hair is long and dark, nearly reaching her lower back. It's kept in a braid that is mildly lop sided due to the fact that she puts it in herself more to not have to put up with her hair than anything.

She looks somewhat sickly. Her skin is pale with dark circles under her eyes. Her crooked bangs are much longer reaching past her chin. She won't let anyone get close enough to even them and she doesn't have access to scissors to do it herself. She no longer wears the makeup she once did.

Her clothing choice is kept simple, sticking to dark red and reddish brown robes that are easy to slip in to. She doesn't allow anyone to aid her in dressing so every once in a while there might be something tied crooked or a skipped latch in the back.


As a small child, she showed a disturbing edge in favor of cruelty. She couldn't stand having someone better at something than herself and she didn't spend any more time with her mother than was required for her goals. She put on a fascade of being sweet when dealing with her brother but when adults weren't looking, she was just as cruel to him.

When she got older, it became clear she was a rather aggressive individual. She had minions rather than friends and was happier to have those around her fear her than have any true loyalty toward her. Those who would not comply were broken. She tried hard to emulate her father in every way she could though she lacked his experience and control in such situations.

The disappearance of her mother affected Azula more than she ever admitted outloud. With no memory of her even so much as saying goodbye, she was fairly certain her mother wasn't too upset to be leaving her. She is bitter toward her mother and considers her to be the first person that gave up on her without trying. She didn't let how she really felt be known for fear of her father perceiving this as weakness. It was through this iron grip on her emotions that she was able to keep the inner peace required to bend lightning.

Without a mother figure in her life, Azula prooved to be quite socially inept. When confronted with an unfamiliar enviroment, Azula usually retreated to her comfort zone which made her controlling and aggressive. The nuances of social interaction proved to be difficult to her and so they were simply dismissed. Romantic relationships were something she always felt was beyond her reach no matter how much she tried. It was difficult for her to learn to let down her defenses to let someone try to get to know her.

Her mental breakdown was a long time coming. She always felt like something of an outsider among her peers though for short spans of time she was able to pretend they were her friends. She frequently found herself jealous of those who had people rushing to their side when she was more or less certain she didn't have any such person. The closest she had to that was her father who doted on her for being such a powerful fire bender. To secure her place as his favored child, she pushed herself. Anything less than perfection was unacceptable and in the end it would lead to her undoing.

Her state degenerated even quicker when Ty Lee and Mai took Zuko's side over hers. It was at that point it became clear to her that in the end, everyone would choose Zuko over her. It didn't matter that she was stronger than him. It didn't matter how gifted she was. When her father chose to leave her behind in the Fire Nation, it was the last straw. The one person in the world that she thought loved her didn't want her at his side.

Since the end of the war, Azula hasn't spoken. She spent most of her time in the mental facility in isolation, visited only when someone was bringing her meal to her. At first her attendants tried to speak to her but it became a rather fruitless endeavor. Since Zuko brought her back to the palace, she is still just as silent. Now more than ever, no one is quite sure what goes on in that head of hers.

At her best, Azula is a fire bending prodigy. Her flames are a brilliant blue which indicates that hers burns hotter than most. She has also mastered the generation of lightning.

After the war however, she has lost her abilities to fire bend. She is uncertain as to why.

Other than that, Azula is skilled in strategy and war. She has a knack for thinking outside of the box when the situatio calls for it. She's intelligent and manipulative. She gets things done.

She is also very skilled in unarmed combat.


Ozai, Father, Former Fire Lord
Ursa, Mother, Wherabouts Unknown
Zuko, Brother, Fire Lord
Iroh, Uncle, Retired General
Lu Ten, Cousin, deceased


The Avatar (Aang)
The filthy Water Tribe peasant (Katara)
The brother of the filthy Water Tribe peasant (Sokka)
The dirt covered blind girl (Toph)
The fools in the clown make up (Suki and the Kyoshi Warriors)
The filthy furballs they travel with (Momo and Appa)
The obnoxiously cheerful traitor (Ty Lee)
The obnoxiously mopey traitor (Mai)
His Traitorous Tea Loving Kookiness (Iroh)
The Scarred and Traitorous Fire Lord Dum Dum (Zuko)

History - Azula was born lucky and loved every moment of it. She reveled in the praise of her father and ignored the chiding of her mother. Even as a small child, she displayed an unnatural level of cruelty. Manipulation was her favorite game and she would often do her best to turn others against one another in order to further her own means.

Her apathy toward her family was somewhat disturbing. Upon hearing of her uncle giving up his two year campaign to take over Ba Sing Se due to the loss of his son, she dismissed him as weak and pitiful. She showed no outward remorse in the death of her grandfather or the disappearance of her mother. She watched on with glee as her brother was defeated in Agni Kai.

Once her brother had been banished to find the Avatar, Azula was named the new heir to the Fire Lord's throne. She perfected her fire bending and her combat techniques accepting no less in order to please her father. She reveled in his praise. Once Zuko proved unsuccessful in capturing the Avatar and Iroh branded a traitor, she was sent to capture the two of them to bring back to the Fire Nation. Along the way, she improved her skill so that she could learn to bend lightening to her will.

After being unceremoniously dispatched, Azula dropped the royal guard in favor of a smaller group. Though Mai was ready to leave the tedium, Ty Lee took a bit of threatening. The three widened their mission to capturing the Avatar as well. Later 'Team Avatar' would try to mislead her in her pursuit. She sent Ty Lee and Mai after the bait and went after Aang herself. She cornered him in a town where a fight ensued. When the others, Zuko and Iroh showed up, she was cornered and 'Surrendered with Dignity' as a ruse before she would hit Iroh in the chest. With this, she made a hasty escape.

Later she would be involved in a mission involving putting a giant drill through the walls of Ba Sing Se. Assorted evidence of sabotage clued her in to the involvement of the Avatar and his friends. The Drill was subsequently destroyed.

She, Ty Lee, and Mai would eventually overpower three Kyoshi warriors and use their outfits to infiltrate Ba Sing Se. While inside, Azula was captured by the Dai Li and taken to Long Feng. She struck a deal with him gaining the use of the Dai Li in exchange for the avatar. She later gets the Dai Li to betray their leader thus making a coup for Ba Sing Se possible. After the coup, she ran into the Avatar, his friends, her brother, and uncle. After an intense battle she managed to convince Zuko to betray Iroh. Together they 'killed' the avatar.

The two were regarded as heroes as they returned to the fire nation. Azula told her father that Zuko was the one to strike down the Avatar. During this time, Azula suggests that during Sozin's Comet, the Fire Nation simply burn the Earth kingdom from the surface of the planet. Overjoyed at the plan, Ozai agreed. After a brief vacation on Ember island, the day of the Solar Eclipse approached. Azula was waiting in Ozai's throne when the Avatar came after him. After this distraction, the eclipse passed. It would seem however that Zuko revealed what Azula had done to their father.

Zuko left the Fire Nation after that day and the next Azula would hear of him was when he was imprisoned on The Boiling Rock. She had brought Ty Lee and Mai with her. As Zuko escaped, Mai revealed that her love for Zuko overpowered her fear of Azula and aided him. As Azula was about to strike back, Ty Lee dispatched her. Both former friends were imprisoned and 'left to rot'.

After this betrayal, Azula continued to go after Team Avatar who now seemed to include Zuko. She seemed quite intent on killing him this time. Despite the property damage done, Azula was unsuccessful.

The say of Sozin's Comet, Azula met her father to learn that he did not wish for her to come with him to destroy the earth kingdom. After throwing a tantrum it was revealed that she would become the new Fire Lord while Lord Ozai would become the Phoenix King. Azula got some joy out of this announcement but the repercussions of his leaving her were yet to be seen.

Once she went back to the castle, she began to banish those under her command...the reasoning growing more ridiculous as time went by. This continued on leading up to a hallucination of her mother. Azula broke down into tears. The following day at her coronation, a tired and unkempt Azula saw her brother approach. She challenged him to an Agni Kai for the throne, which he accepted.

During this fight, Zuko goaded her to use lightening. She shot it only to be aiming at Katara instead. Zuko blocked the shot and the fight was then continued with Katara who was eventually able to subdue her. After throwing a tantrum and spitting fire, Azula finally fell completely apart.

Immediately after this, Azula was taken to a mental facility to get proper care. However this didn't seem to be working. She refused food and would often mutter to herself about 'Ursa' returning to her to speak. She was moved to the palace out of Zuko's concern for her and put under a form of House arrest two and a half months after being committed to the facility.

Roleplay Sample
Why am I here again? Azula mentally asked herself for what must be the millionth time. She sat in the courtyard as she usually did enjoying the last rays of light before an impending storm would roll in. It was late in the afternoon and rain could be smelled in the air.

She sat on the bench next to the turtle duck pond. She wasn't sure why she was always so drawn here. Perhaps it was all of those happy childhood memories of chucking rocks at turtle ducks. Maybe it was just remembering being happy. Azula couldn't really be bothered to think too much about it.

Few followed her in to the courtyard except perhaps the guards that were constantly keeping an eye on her. She ignored them for the most part. Not that they had any choice but to accept that. It wasn't like she was about to speak to anyone.

She was wearing a rather long robe that came over her soft slippered feet. None of the armor of before. Barely the shoulder piece that she was accustomed to wearing. The garment felt too loose. Not enough structure. Not really any reason for someone unable to bend fire to wear armor though, was there? Her long dark hair hung loose today with slight wave in it. She had spent the morning in her room still trying to replicate her hair style. A servant approached, asking to assist but Azula had been quick to turn a cold shoulder to the girl. She would figure this out.

Azula leaned forward to pick up one of the little seedlings that had fallen from the trees. Her shortened fingernails tore at the plant matter that surrounded the seed before the seed was tossed in to the water. One of the turtleducks quickly swam over to investigate. Azula watched it quietly.

__________________OOC Stuff
Will you be able to commit to the one IC post a week rule for canon characters?
Yes. Unless posted otherwise in away boards (Rare. I do conventions though and need time to prepare XD)

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