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 Post subject: Art Usage Policy
PostPosted: Sun Dec 27, 2009 1:28 am 
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Art Usage Policy
Our World does not have a formal face claim, but you are totally free to use whatever means you like to visually represent your character, whether you choose to do so with a photograph of a model/actor or through art, whether your own or someone else's.

However, if you are using pictures that are not your own, please make sure to credit them—and be sure to read each artist/photographer's usage policy to be sure that you are even allowed to use their pictures, first. :3 This is just a measure to protect independent artists and photographers.

You're perfectly free to use art from official, corporate sources (such as Avatar official art and screen shots, published anime (not fanart or original anime/manga art by independent artists), video games, movies, etc.) as well as photos of celebrities without crediting your sources. But apart from those sources, please either credit or do not use the image. If you're unsure as to whether something is or is not an official source, we'll err on the side of caution and disallow the image.

Furthermore, if you can't find the artist of an original piece (for instance, say you found the image on photobucket), you can always check it here:

*New* Also, if it is an image that has been commissioned (and you're not the owner of the original commissioned character) then we're going to disallow the image. The person who commissioned it paid good money for that character image, it's safe to assume they wouldn't want someone else using it.

Thank you!


Are there any exceptions to crediting artwork?
Yes. If the art is very obviously from a corporate/official art source, or if you commissioned the picture yourself. Those are the only two exceptions.

Their name is on the picture. Do I still have to credit?
Yep. Even if their name and url are on the picture, we still require written credit.

I can't find the artist and this picture is perfect!
No artist, no credit, no picture. Sorry! But there's tons of artists out there who you CAN credit. Go check their art. Or visit The Studio and see if you can find an artist to draw a picture for you. Or commission an artist. Or draw the picture yourself. Or visit Portrait Adoption and buy a portrait there! :3

So if I credit I can use any picture I want, right?
Not quite! x3 Some artists disallow their work to be redistributed even if credit is given. This is their right as the copyright holder, and we will honor their wishes.

Well, I'm still searching for the original artist...
Great! Take the picture down until you can find them. Then you can put it up. (:

Can I alter the image in any way? Can I recolor it, trace it, add things to it, etc.?
Not unless the original artist is okay with that! Some artists are alright with that, in fact some even create lineart for the purpose of having other people color it, but you'd have to ask to find out. Others don't want their hard word tampered with at all, and we'll respect that. You wouldn't want someone to come scribble on your masterpiece work of art with a crayon, would you? P:

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