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 Post subject: Canon Character Application
PostPosted: Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:56 pm 
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Don't worry, joining is stress-free and we don't outright reject profiles; we will work with you via PM to fix any errors that crop up. :3 So relax, don't stress, and have fun with it! That's what we're here for.

Canon Character Joining Form
  • Please mind the canon activity requirements!
  • Please use this form for canon characters. Also be aware that canons need to be accepted before you can play them.
  • Feel free to alter, modify, and pretty up this form however you like, and feel free to add sections, too. Get as creative as you like and have fun!
  • You may post work-in-progress applications. If you have posted a WIP application, you have three days from the time it's posted to complete it.
  • Multiple people can apply for the same character. The admins will judge the completed applications and pick the one we feel is best. We do not judge applications by length, but by quality. The most in-character application will be the one accepted. (:

[b]__________________Quick Stats[/b]

[b]__________________In-Depth Stuff[/b]

[b]Physical Description[/b]




[b]History[/b] - Maximum of 500 words.
(You don't have to rewrite everything that has happened in the series. However, be familiar with it, and please tell us what your character has been up to for the year since the series has ended, which is where this game takes place.)

[b]Roleplay Sample[/b]
(Provide us with a sample of how you write this character. If you've RPed as this character before, you can provide links to a favorite thread which will serve as your sample; if you've written fanfiction with this character, you may link us to the story and that will serve as your sample. Otherwise, write a new post here. However, please don't us any posts from AU settings or set far in the future. Those make it a little difficult to judge how you'll play the character in OW.

If you need a prompt, respond to one of the following scenarios:
1.) Oh noes! Your character's surrounded by a group of Earth Kingdom bandits who wanna take their stuff! What does s/he do?!
2.) Your character is lost in the woods and has run into an aggressive Armadillo-Bear! What is their response!?
3.) While walking through a crowded town, a huge man bumps into your character, knocking them aside! How will they respond!?
4.) When trying to barter for supplies, the merchant is obviously overcharging your character. How do they react?!
5.) While sailing, a freak storm hits the boat, causing the ship to buck and roll dangerously and the crew fight to keep her afloat. What do they do?!)

[b]__________________OOC Stuff[/b]
[b]Will you be able to commit to the one IC post a week rule for canon characters?[/b]

Zuko - Yun Zhong - Kota - Yazuri - Jiang Xia

Thread with meh! 8D

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